3 Videos to Film for your YouTube Channel

Video is one of your best assets for building a credible brand online. Try it

Video is one of your best assets for building a credible brand online.

Creating a nice selection of educational & entertaining video content on YouTube

is a valuable place to start.

If you are ready to use video in your marketing strategy, here are three content

ideas you can film next.

1.) Tell Your Story

– How did you become a Real Estate Agent in Virginia when you went to college in

California? Why did you leave your reliable job in corporate America to build a local

business? When did you know it was time to switch or leave schools? Tell us how

you got to where you are today! What decisions did you have to make? Who did

you meet along the way? How did you feel? Telling your story builds a connection

with your community. They will feel like they genuinely know you if you share your

behind-the-scenes! This video could also be added to your website in an “about

me, learn more, contact me” section. You could film your story as one long length

video or if you?d prefer, break it up into a couple of parts depending on how much

you want to share with your viewers.

2.) Introduce Your Products or Services

– Now that you have filmed your story, we know who you are. The next best step is

to tell us about what you do! Take your best product or service offer & highlight

what it is, who?s it for, why it?s worth the investment (ex…). Why should Sally Sue

work with or buy from you? What makes you and your product or service unique?

Some ideal customers or clients might prefer to watch you talk about the benefits

of what you sell over reading the copy on a website or post. Make sure you have both

options available for increased closing potential. This video shows your expertise

and builds credibility.

3.) Share the Praise

– What are past customers saying about your products? What are current clients

learning from you? Has somebody written you a nice email or left a Facebook

review? Share the praise on video! This will build both credibility and connection. If

someone contacted you saying, “Bob, I love your enthusiasm. You brighten my

day.” That builds connection because someone gets to know about your

personality. If a review says, “Bob helped me understand why video is important,”

that builds credibility around what you do.

Those are your three video content ideas to film next.

Do you have questions about improving your video content? Reach out to me here.

I look forward to talking with you about video marketing!