Google Wants Proof Of  Your Business’s Existence. So It Better Have Citations!

If you want your company to be found in the search results, then you need to let the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo know your business exists.

That means there is particular information about your business the search engines want to find on lots of other websites besides your own. That information is referred to as business citations. Google and the other search engines want to find the following information about your business on the other websites:
  • Name of business
  • Address of business
  • Phone number of business
This information must be consistent on all the listings where it appears.  For example, if you use a suite number as part of your address then “Suite ###” needs to appear in all the listings. Also, you need to be consistent if you use abbreviations like “Ste.” for “Suite”. Pick one and stick with it.

Where Should Citations Appear?

One of the best places for your citations to appear is a well know, high authoritative website. One example would be your business’s Google My Business website.  Another good place to have a citation would be on your business’s YouTube channel. Both of these are a great place to post one of your citations. Google loves seeing citations on its own properties. Citations Service - Google Map If you want to be found in local GOOGLE MAPS listings like “your town dentist”, then having accurate citations is critically important.   Of course, you need to have an optimized Google My Business listing as well as proper citations. If you would like to havea your business found in the search results, then schedule a no-obligation appointment to discuss your situation by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page. Or just click HERE to be taken to a signup page where you can easily schedule your Video Consultation.

One more thing!

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