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Free Google Video Builder


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Google has recently released a FREE Video Builder which is perfect for those businesses that need to create a SHORT video and cannot afford to hire a marketing firm to create one for them.

This app should work for those small business owners that have some extra time on their hands and are willing to put forth the effort and content necessary to create a video for their business.

Businesses are required to provide their own pictures, logos, text and marketing message which are used by Google to generate a short video. You will also be able to customize fonts and colors as well as add music from Google’s royalty-free audio library.

Google will provide some templates from which the business owner will choose for their video. If you would like to see how this video builder will work you can watch this YouTube video

There are some limitations with the video creator. One is not able to create or edit videos of any significant length. This online software is strictly for short, lightweight videos.

The good news is that once you have created your video, you can post it on YouTube or download it  to use on your website or other social media sites like Facebook.

As a business owner, you will first need to sign up to get an account from Google. You can go to this page to to learn more about that process. .

Google states that it can take about 5 days for someone on their staff to get back in touch with you regarding your application’s approval. Once approved, you will have access to Google’s free video creation software.

Good luck and have fun!