How To Capture Your Own Video Testimonials ~ Questions To Ask Them

You know how important reviews are, especially real customer video testimonials, however, are you wondering how to capture your own video testimonials? The first thing to remember when capturing your own video testimonials is it’s not supposed to be a huge production. It’s supposed to be real and authentic. With that said, you still want it to look decent and not be distracting. So if you’re using a phone, make sure to still put it on a tripod.


In the description, you’ll see a link to our video equipment recommendations on this page, and at the top are basic tripods that would be perfect for someone using a phone to record. You may also want to consider getting a basic microphone so the audio is of a higher quality.

Then here are the questions you want to ask your testimonial and make sure they re-state the question within the answer so you can edit out your voice asking the questions.

  1. Who are they and what’s their business. If they don’t own a business, then just have them introduce themselves.
  2. How did the relationship start? How did you meet?
  3. What was the process of the business transaction?
  4. How did you feel during the process?
  5. Are you happy with the results and why?
  6. Have them discuss tangibles if they can.
  7. Have you tried a similar product or service in the past before? What was that like and how did this differ?
  8. Lastly, if they only have time to answer one question, have them answer this, would you recommend the same services or products to people you know and why?

If you don’t like editing or don’t have an editor you could ask these questions in an interview-style. The key is to get an authentic story from real customers, not actors. If you have any questions about this please leave them in the comments.

Recommended Equipment


  1. Click for our favorite
  2. Click for another favorite this one is taller
  3. Click for a heavy-duty favorite


  1. Click here for a single wired mic
  2. Click here for dual wired mics
  3. Click here for a wireless mic