You May Be Wondering, What Are Interactive Videos?

In a nutshell, an Interactive Video is a video that allows your customers to tell you what they want!

Watch this video to learn more about Interactive Videos and why your business needs them.

Interactive Video

I think you now have a general idea as to what Interactive Videos are. They are a way to get your sales message to fill different needs depending on who you are addressing in that niche. These types of videos can be effective for both products as well as services.

Take for instance a real estate agent. It would not doubt be helpful for a real estate agent to know whether someone is a Buyer or a Seller when someone is watching their video. Each of those people has different objectives and needs. So once a person has identified as one or the other, then they can be taken to information that is relevant to them.

For example, if someone is a seller, they could be provided with 5 tips for selling their house. They could be asked if their property was in foreclosure or Interactive Video - House Soldnot. A follow-up path could be when do you want to sell and then give date ranges. The sellers could be asked if they want to stage their property and have them go down different paths depending on their answers.

Interactive Videos - Her HouseIf they are buyers, one can ask them the type of home they want, such as a single-family home, a townhouse, or a condo.   The prospects could then offered price ranges and let them pick which price range they are in. Also, there could be a question about when they want to move and then given time frames from which to choose. The buyers could be asked whether or not they have been pre-qualified for a mortgage and then taken to mortgage brokers or how much of a down payment they have.

The various paths/options you want to give your customers and prospects are pretty much unlimited. One of the most difficult parts is limiting the number of paths so that the video is not too long. 🙂
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