Are you ready for the next wave of marketing?
Mobile Marketing!!!

Mobile Marketing is coming at you and your competitors fast and furiously! If you don’t get on this marketing medium, you will be left behind in the dust, wondering why your competition so doing so well.

Yes, there is a lot of information you will have to understand to appreciate the impact and effectiveness of Mobile Marketing. But when you have Market Pro Co. as your marketing partner, who will guide you by the hand through the maze of technologies and options.

So what is Mobile Marketing you ask?

Well it is a lot of different marketing methods and objectives directed at Mobile Devices like your cell phone, your smart phone, your ipad and allĀ  their variations. It’s about electronic coupons, and text messages, advertising on Mobile Devices and communication within your organization and much much more!

Have you seen one of these odd looking boxes?
It is called a QR Code or 2D Code.

Most of your customers or prospects have a smartphone with a camera and reader program (these programs are cheap or free) they can read the Code and your hidden message, like a phone number, website address or special message!

Would you like to communicate a special opportunity, like a sale, to your best customers and be virtually guaranteed they will see your message? Of course you would! What business owner wouldn’t?

How about your getting your business it own Mobile App?

iPhone iPad Android Blackberry Windows Mobile Apps

You could be sending customers an announcement about a special offer without worrying about whether or not your email got to them and was opened. Again the answer is YES you would want your very own mobile app!

These examples are just the tip of the Mobile Marketing iceberg!

For a free consultation to learn more about Mobile Marketing, send a text message to 202-365-0151 and state in your message “I want to learn more about Mobile Marketing” along with your Name and Cell Phone Number. Someone will be right back in touch with you.