Probably the one industry that has embraced video marketing the most is the real estate industry.

It does not matter whether someone is a Listing/Seller Agent, Buyer Agent, Rental Agent, FSBO, residential or commercial properties, video is an integral part of their business.

If you are in the real estate business you have to use video just to stay up with the competition. To get ahead you need to use creative types of videos to stand out from the crowd.
I recommend that you use a variety of different types of videos such as

  • Branding Professional Personalized Videos
  • Lead Generation
  • Informational

videos that highlight your services and strengths.
There are also various styles of videos like

  • Spokesperson
  • Animation
  • Explainer
  • Personalized

videos which styles can sometimes be combined in one video, mixing it up to keep things fresh and interesting.
Here are a few examples of real estate-focused videos to provide some idea of what can be done with this medium.

Advanced Opt-in With Personalization

Here’s A Personalized House Tour – Demo (Viewer’s Name, Picture & email)

For full effect, login to either LinkedIn or Facebook when given that option at the beginning of the video

RIA Investor Geographical Promotional With Click To Call - Demo

This video can be customized for personalization and/or lead generation

"Short & Sweet" personalized Video Listing With Call to Action - Demo

This is an example of a personalized "short and sweet" listing video with a personalized Call-To-Action that is clickable to send the prospect to wherever you want to send them including a click to call.

As you can see, these examples of the various types of videos we can create for your business are extremely powerful and versitile. Want to learn more about how we can create personalized as well as non-personalized videos for you? If so go to our Contact Us page to sign up for a free marketing conference or click here.

One more thing!

Check out our Video Testimonials System. Talk about putting the icing on the cake! Not only can you put your customer VIDEO TESTIMONIALS on your website and social media accounts, but you can play them in your place of business on a video screen! That's how you generate Trust and Credibility for your establishment.