Restaurants And Bars Come In Many Styles and Sizes

Restaurants and Bars - restaurant table Restaurants & Bars - Bar with lots of shelves

Regardless of what type of food establishment you run, there is one common denominator that all of them have. ALL RESTAURANTS & BARS NEED CUSTOMERS!

Admittedly, restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee houses, pizza places, clubs, the list goes on, are a little different than most businesses. They have an inventory that has a very short shelf-life and once it goes bad, it cannot be sold. Market Pro Co. understands that these types of businesses’ need to get the word out to their customers quickly and easily and to keep themselves in front of their customers and prospects constantly. If they don’t then the old saying “out of sight – out of mind” kicks in.

It does not matter what type of eatery/pub you operate, dine-in, carry-out, curbside pick-up, Market Pro Co. can help promote your establishment and generate more revenue to keep your operation going strong. Below you will find just a couple of examples of the types of promotions we can do for your business. And all of them can be customized and tweaked for specific purposes, like branding, lead generation, specials, etc. just for your operation.

Coffee Shop & Bakery – Personalized Video Demo

Make sure you click either the LinkedIn or Facebook icon to authorize the personalized feature of this video.


Restaurant Promo – Personalized Video with Click to Call Demo

This video can be customized with your messages and food pictures. We can even change the background music and the woman’s voice!


Don’t let the Covid-19 “new normal” prevent you from communicating with your customers. Let your customers know about your latest offers, operating hours, Coronavirus safeguards, easily and quickly.

Watch the Text Message Video – Restaurant Coupon – Demo:

These types of videos are great for both your website and your social media posts!

Market Pro Co. can help you:

  • Generate Leads
  • Brand Your Establishment
  • Run Promotions
  • Improve ROI
  • Generate Customer Loyalty
  • And More…

Market Pro Co. VIP Customer Acquisition Program

Market Pro Co. has a special Text Engagement System that will not only have your best (VIP) customers returning on a regular basis AND will generate additional revenue that your business would have not generated if it were not for this program. What’s more, you can create this additional revenue with just the push of a button!

If you would like to be able to solve that “slowest day” of the week syndrome most bars and restaurants face, then we need to talk. Our Text Engagement System allows you to fill those empty seats or increase your pick-up/carryout orders like you would not believe.

Click the image below to be taken to a DEMO site. Though it is showing a pizza place in St. Louis, the key is the Blue button at the bottom of the right-hand side of the page. This “widget” can be put on your own website and is where the magic is created. This widget can be customized for your business, with your promotional message, and changed whenever you would like. Once your customers click that button they will be sent whatever you are offering or taken wherever you want them to go. (This is only one (1) part of our Text Engagement System.)

Restaurants & Bars - VIP Customer Acquisition Program

We also have ways to increase your per ticket amount to generate more revenue with this program. Like I said above, this can all be done with the push of a button. If you are ready to make more sales, then let’s talk.

One more thing!

Check out our Video Testimonials System. Talk about putting the icing on the cake! Not only can you put your customer VIDEO TESTIMONIALS on your website and social media accounts, but you can play them in your restaurant or bar! That’s how you generate Trust and Credibility for your establishment.

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